Donating Stuffed Animals

No matter the size, shape, or style; a stuffed animal will always make a hospitalized child feel better. With this in mind, all new cuddly creatures (from the smallest beanies, to the largest stuffed creation) are wanted and greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind that these stuffed animals are going to children in the hospital, and must be new to ensure the utmost precautions.


Who Do The Stuffed Animals Go To?

All new stuffed animals find a home somewhere. Whether it is a children’s hospital or not, all stuffed animals go home with children admitted as inpatients or emergency room visitors. In some cases, Beanie Babies are donated to the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) for physicians and nurses to use to improve the quality of life for premature babies. These stuffed animals make the babies feel protected and serve as a positional aid.

We know that it can be just as hard to be the sibling of an injured or ill child; so if there are enough stuffed animals, sometimes a new cuddly friend will be given to the patient’s visitor as well.

How to Donate Your Stuffed Animals:

Since Operation Noah is based in Chandler, Arizona, it may not be easy to donate your stuffed animals directly to our home chapter. However, there might be a chapter established near your home. If there is not a chapter near you, it is possible to donate stuffed animals in Operation Noah’s name. If you are interested in donating stuffed animals, please contact us at to find out if there is a chapter in your area or how you can donate stuffed animals in our name.

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